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World Cup 2010: Dutchman Puts his Villa in South Africa on a Lottery
With 2 Flight Tickets and 4 Tickets for the World Cup of Soccer
For only EUR 99 (approximately GBP 88) see the World Cup in South Africa and sleep in your own South African Villa? Dutchman Peter de Pagter is offering this unusual chance. He is putting an exclusive, completely furnished villa on a draw and is adding 4 free tickets for a match of the England team at the World Cup, including 2 flights. Anybody can participate. After the WC the villa will remain the property of the winner.

Almost always beautiful weather

Years ago Peter left for South Africa, following the many other Europeans who are now living in the West Cape Province. He recently built another villa on the same wine estate, where he is currently living, and decided to put it on a lottery so that others can get a chance to enjoy the good climate and beautiful surroundings.

For wine lovers

The villa is built on the renowned wine estate "Diemersfontein", and has all the modern amenities. You can taste wine in your own backyard or in the restaurant on the same estate. The wine estate is situated on the border between Wellington and Paarl.

Already a successful alternative

There are only 4.999 lottery tickets available for this alternative sale, of which approx. 85% have been registered for. The lottery tickets are also on sale in the Netherlands and Belgium. The procedure of the raffle is supervised and taken care of by a notary. All further information can be found on Here



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