Uganda: Hunt for aid convoy attackers begin

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The army in Uganda is hunting for Karamojong warriors who killed three people including a policeman in a convoy of an international aid agency on Friday.

According to Uganda army spokesman in charge of north eastern Uganda, captain Martin Obbo, a policeman, a local government official and a driver died when Karamojong warriors shot at the convoy of vehicles belonging to the International Rescue Committee (IRC) in Karamoja, about 400 kms north east of Uganda’s capital Kampala.

“The army is following the warriors who killed the three people.They are moving with a big number of cows which they rustled recently and so it is easy to follow them.We will soon get them,” said Marti Obbo.

An American charity worker, Adriene Stone who was in the vehicle in which the three people were shot dead survived being killed “because she was wearing a bullet proof jacket”.

Stone, a consultant on conflict management and peace building, was traveling to the region to hold meetings with IRC in Moroto, the main town in Kramoja region when the vehicle in which they were traveling came under attack.

The police constable’s gun together with Stone’s laptop were taken by the warriors.

Karamojong warriors, live in north eastern Uganda in a region called Karamoja and are notorious for attacking neighbouring tribes and communities, rustling cows and raping women.

In 2008 the government of Uganda’s troops embarked on a programme to forcefully remove guns from the notorious Karamojong warriors. The army says that so far over 100,000 guns have been removed from the Karamojong warriors.

Obbo said that the warriors now attack convoys to get guns from policemen who guard them. “The Karamojong warriors are looking for guns. We advise aid vehicles not to carry policemen or guards in their vehicles because the rustlers are desperate for guns.”

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