Ugandans protest against Obama and anti-gay bill

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Over 4000 Ugandan supporters of the anti-gay bill yesterday demonstrated in Uganda’s eastern town of Jinja against US president Barrack Obama and all those who support homosexuality.

Carrying placards with messages denouncing United States President Barack Obama’s attack on the anti-gay bill and advising him to leave Uganda alone, the demonstrators sang songs rebuking homosexuality as they demonstrated on the streets.

As one big group of demonstrators marched towards a place designated for speeches, another led by a local pastor, William Mbile, marched to a Jinja suburb to pray against homosexuality.

The chief organizer of the demonstration, renown anti-gay advocate, pastor Martin Sempa said that the demonstration was held to show the world that Ugandans are against homosexuality.

Sempa warns Obama

Addressing the demonstrators after marching on the streets of Jinja, Sempa said, “Homosexuality has no place in Uganda. President Obama should be made to know that his attack on the proposed anti-gay bill is unfair. Obama
should not interfere into Uganda’s affairs. Uganda is ours just like USA is his. He should not dictate in Uganda.”

Sempa said that Uganda, and the rest of Africa were behind Barack Obama during last USA presidential elections with hope that he would respect African cultural values including shunning homosexaulity but they are surprised to observe that he supports homosexuality.

“Uganda is a sovereign state, and Obama should know that we have a right to determine what is good for us,” he warned, as he promised that such demonstrations will continue taking place in the whole country.

Abusing gays not against human rights?

Another speaker, Amon Balaka said that it is funny to note that Uganda which is “fighting against homosexuality is being seen by some people in developed countries as abusing human rights.”

Recently president Barack Obama commented against the Uganda anti-gay bill saying it was very cruel. The bill was tabled by Member of Parliament, David Bahati in October 2011 causing international outcry especially the death penality punishment in it.

Last month president Museveni advised Ugandan ministers and members of parliament to go slow on the bill, saying that a middle ground should be reached so that gays are not mistreated.

Anti-Gay Bill in Uganda  The Anti-Homosexuality Bill introduced in 2009 by MP David Bahati seeks to impose the death penalty on gay men who are HIV-positive for “aggravated homosexuality”. In Uganda today, homosexuality is already a crime punishable by a prison life term. This proposed law would not only condemn HIV positive gay men and "repeat offenders" to death, it would also jail for three years anyone who knows a gay man but refuses to report them to the authorities. In addition to that, anyone who defends gay rights in public will be sentenced to seven years in prison.
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