Zambian head says insulting him is ‘pornography’

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Zambian ruler, Rupiah Banda has advised his countrymen to switch off
their radio sets anytime they hear a broadcast that insults him claiming that “insulting elders is pornography”.

“It is not a pleasure but pornography. It is rude to insult big people like me who has done nothing, I am sleeping at State House and you are calling me big head! You are insulting your father.

“It doesn’t work like that. Our children are older than some of the insulters,” Banda is today quoted by the Zambia media.

The Zimbabwe born Banda said “arrogant young politicians” have developed the habit of insulting him, an experienced person. He said advancement in age teaches a lot of experience.

However, Banda’s experience and advice, according to media reports seem to be about girlfriends.

“I was also a young man, I also had girlfriends. You want me to tell lies that I never had girlfriends? I had them and many of them liked me. That is why we can advise our children because we know the dangers,” Banda said.

Banda aged 73 is married Thandiwe who is several years younger than himself. Information gleaned from wikipedia reveal that Banda was first married to Hope Mwansa Makulu, in 1966 fathering three sons.

Banda also has two sons from previous relationships hence his talk that he is capable of advising youths about love relationships. He also has a set of twins with his current wife, Thandiwe.

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