South Africa: Equal Education’s ‘Bookery’ Opens it’s doors in Cape Town

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Flag of South Africa
Flag of South Africa

School libraries in South Africa are in a desperate state. Only 7.23 % of public schools have functional libraries; 13.47% have a library space without books or a librarian; and a massive 79.3% do not have a library.

Major international studies have shown that the provision of a functional library in a school will add between 10% and 25% to average learner outcomes. Local research has similarly shown a strong correlation and causal relationship between the presence of a staffed library and higher academic performance. Libraries have also been found to be a cost-effective method of improving these outcomes..

Equal Education (EE) have committed themselves to addressing this issue under the banner of our ‘Campaign for School Libraries’. ‘The Bookery’, situated where Charly’s Bakery used to be (at 20 Roeland Street Cape Town) is the home of one branch of this campaign: the EE book drive.

EE’s aim is to use The Bookery to collect as many books as possible which are suitable for primary and secondary school learners. Our objective is to obtain books which are not only appropriate, but in good condition – books which the average primary or secondary school learner would be compelled to read. The Bookery is looking primarily to schools and publishers for donations; however, it is expected that the network of donations will spread as far as small private book clubs and the social responsibility departments of big business. Township or rural schools with a library space and a person dedicated to maintaining the library should contact EE as possible candidate-schools to have a full library of books supplied.

Please donate your favourite books in top condition! The youth of this country deserve the best and we will not be able to make use of books in poor condition. EE is looking for appealing, enticing, interesting children’s and teen’s books, that will instil a passion for reading amongst our youth.

For more information, please visit us here

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