Business tycoon, Dr Johann Rupert, invests in global education and development

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Distinguished global business leader and entrepreneur, Dr Johann Rupert, has been appointed as the fourteenth Chancellor of Stellenbosch University (SU), pledging his support to changing the nature of education and leading the African continent in an ambitious project to overcome global challenges.

Dr Rupert, best known as Chairman and CEO of Swiss-based luxury goods company Richemont, will play an instrumental role in propelling both the University and the greater African community towards a new digital age, utilising his business acumen and network to change conversations around education in Africa and provide a fresh approach to higher education in the region.

Rupert commented, “Technology will change everything. The top ten jobs in the USA didn’t exist six years ago – how then will we train our students for careers we haven’t even thought of yet?”

Referencing modern advances in technology and the rapid rate of information and knowledge sharing, Dr Rupert proposed the creation of a tax-free ‘Silicon Valley’ within South Africa’s Western Cape province, and the importance of digital technology and access to new knowledge in creating the leaders of tomorrow. “It is an enormous opportunity. We will be able to bring knowledge to those that didn’t have it before – if we don’t, we will let another generation down.”

Professor Russel Botman, Rector of SU, also hinted at Dr Rupert’s role in a mammoth international project which the University will unveil in coming months, which aims to address some of the world’s main development challenges. “This overarching future-focused strategy, which addresses issues from combating poverty, food security and promoting human dignity to the provision of a sustainable environment, is already far advanced. We will announce our exciting plans publicly in the not too distant future,” he concluded.

The South African Minister of Higher Education and Training, Dr Blade Nzimande, extended his congratulations to the new Chancellor and said he is looking forward to work with him and the leadership of Stellenbosch University, in addressing some of the pertinent challenges that confront higher education institutions today.

“This university is one of our prime assets in the higher education sector with respect to research and scholarly excellence. Additionally, the university has made its mark on the international arena with the wealth of the institution with your academics and researchers achieving honours and accolades in various disciplines. This reputation remains an asset for South Africa as a whole and needs to be maintained.”

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