Uganda priest nabbed for BBC hoax was paid to dramatize

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Police in Uganda has arrested a Catholic evangelist who told a BBC reporter that he killed 70 people when he was still practicing witchcraft.

Polino Angella, has been charged for giving false information to a BBC reporter and a public officer and remanded in prison.

According to prosecution, Angella, on January 18th 2010, told a Criminal investigation officer that he sacrificed 70 people, including his own son called Nelson Ojede to the evil spirits.

After police investigations the claims were found to be false.

The Criminal investigations officer was getting a statement from Angella after BBC ran a documentary in which Angella claimed he had killed 70 people.

Uganda police director of anti-human sacrifice unit, Moses Binoga said, “Angella lied to the BBC reporter. He told BBC reporter, Tim Whewell who was making a documentary on human sacrifice that he sacrificed 70 people, including his own son, in the 1980’s and 90’s when he was still working as a witchdoctor.”

He said that the documentary which was aired last moth attracted much international attention. The attention led to the government of Uganda getting concerned and putting in place investigations into Agnella’s allegations.

“When we went to northern Uganda to interview Angella after watching the documentary, he confessed that he had lied to the BBC man. Angella claimed that he was paid 200,000 Uganda shillings to dramatize the human sacrifice story,” Binoga said.

Moses Binoga said that it is true that there have been several cases of human sacrifices in Uganda but the situation is under control. He also said that Angella over exaggerated the human sacrifice situation in the country.

The Criminal investigations officer refuted allegations made by Ugandan press today that Police wants to arrest the BBC reporter who made the documentary. He said, “As per now,we have no intentions of arresting the journalist.”

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