Zimbabwe: MDC youth to demonstrate after Zanu-PF youth protest

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Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai’s MDC party youth wing is planning nationwide demonstrations aimed at forcing the arrest of people “linked to the nauseating corruption at Chiadzwa”.

The planned protest would be in response to Zanu PF youths month-long ultimatum issued on Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai to call for the lifting of sanctions or “risk action from the youth of Zimbabwe”.

The ultimatum expires on March 24.

MDC called for the immediate arrest of Zanu PF youths who made unspecified threats against the premier but no one was arrested.

During his birthday celebrations last Saturday in Bulawayo President Mugabe urged youths across the country to rally against sanctions, a move that could incite clashes between MDC and ZANU PF youths.

“I want our youth movement (Zanu PF) across the country to now raise their voices louder than before in demanding that imperious countries of Europe and America leave us alone and drop those evil sanctions that they have imposed on us”, said Mugabe.

He added, “Let it be a vigorous campaign across the country…Why of all countries in the world, of all countries in Africa should Zimbabwe be burdened with sanctions?”

Youth Assembly Chairman Thamsanqa Mahlangu Wednesday said MDC youths would soon stage nationwide demonstrations.

“Now that these hoodlums have been allowed to demonstrate without fear of arrest, Zimbabweans shall soon be embarking on nationwide demonstrations for the arrest of all those linked to the nauseating corruption at Chiadzwa”.

Mahlangu, who is also deputy minister of youth, said Tsvangirai is not under threat from the youth of Zimbabwe but “from a sulking minority in Zanu PF which is busy looting diamonds in Chiadzwa”.

“We shall soon be taking to the street and giving our own deadlines for the opening of new newspapers and television stations, a speedy resolution to the outstanding issues and the completion of media and Constitutional reforms” said Mahlangu.

No dates have been set.

Mahlangu said the youth assembly takes great exception to the so-called ultimatum issued to the premier “giving him a deadline to solve a Zanu PF ulcer which it invited upon itself through electoral theft and gross human rights abuses”.

The ‘motley group of hired thugs”, Mahlangu said, are openly incited by Zanu PF’s geriatric Politburo.

“These Zanu PF saboteurs, who are found in the military top brass and the Zanu PF Politburo, have unleashed these hired street urchins to prevent the hawk-eyed Prime Minister from putting a dead end to the shameful corruption in Marange,” said Mahlangu.

According to Mahlangu, Tsvangirai is fighting to “divert these proceeds from their private pockets into the national coffers so that we can pay civil servants decent salaries which they deserve’.

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