LRA leader Kony “will be hanged in Uganda” says Museveni

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Ugandan President has today said that notorious Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) rebels’ leader, Joseph Kony has fled into Darfur which is under the government of Sudan. He has also announced that the feared and ruthless rebel leader will not be allowed to stand trial at the International Criminal Court in The Hague and that he will definitely be hanged.

Addressing the press today in Kampala, Uganda’s president Yoweri Museveni said that due to much pressure put on LRA rebels by the
Ugandan troops operating in Central African republic, Kony has escaped
and taken refuge in Darfur.

“Central African republic allowed our troops to operate there. Our troops have been successfully hunting the LRA rebels and a good number of them have been killed. The rebels have been operating there in three small groups. The Ugandan troops operating there have told me that the group comprising Kony has fled into Darfur,” Museveni said.

Kony who has committed a lot of atrocities in Uganda, southern Sudan, Democratic republic of Congo and Central African republic, according to the Ugandan President, will definitely be hanged if Ugandan troops capture him in Uganda.

“If our troops get a chance of capturing Kony, he will be tried here and be hanged. We will not take him to ICC court in Hague court because there they take such people in hotels. Here, we will hang him.” He also said that he is not bothered whether Kony and some of his remaining rebels stay in Darfur forever as far as he is very far from Uganda.

Kony and his rebels have killed thousands of Ugandans since 1986 and displaced over 2 million people.

After being flushed from Uganda, the LRA rebels fled to Garamba forest in the Democratic republic of Congo, but Ugandan troops with assistance from
southern Sudan troops attacked his base.

He was again flushed from Garamba forest, after which he fled deep into Democratic republic of Congo where they massacred many people including some they had found praying at church. They later fled into to the Central African republic, where they are currently being flushed out.

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