Zimbabwe: Oscar winning Prudence Mabhena’s runaway parents reappear

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A Zimbabwe man who fathered but abandoned a Oscar Award winning disabled woman for a decade is now begging for forgiveness.

Mkhokheli Mabhena, on Monday evening broke down in tears asking his daughter, Prudence to forgive him. Mabhena knelt on the tarmac, weeping as Prudence disembarked from the plane.

In a sign that might suggest just how long and hard the scars of her past are taking to heal, Prudence was indifferent when her father knelt in front of her automatic wheelchair sobbing uncontrollably.

“Please forgive me my lovely daughter for ill-treating you,” said Mabhena.

But she did not show any feeling towards her father despite the fact that he was in tears.

It was not immediately clear if she forgave her father following the incident on the tarmac, but she was visibly happy to be reunited with band-mates from her group, Liyana.

As for her mother who also deserted her for casual work in South Africa she only had a casual smile to offer when she hugged her.

Prudence aged 21 returned to Zimbabwe from the United States where a documentary she starred in won an Oscar. She had her legs amputated during infancy as she was born with disability that causes her bones and muscles to contort.

In comment seen to be a smack to her parents, Prudence said “Thank God I went to school whereby I found people who were so loving and caring,” Mabhena said.

“Disabled children are still people and have feelings and also need attention, love and affection from their parents. They should not be judged by their physical outlook but by the good hearts that they have,” she said.

Asked by a journalist how she felt towards her parents, Prudence declined to comment. “I am sorry I cannot comment on that,” she said.

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