Uganda: Zuma urges Africans to support SA 2010 World Cup

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South African president Jacob Zuma who is on a three day state visit in Uganda has requested Uganda and other African countries to support South Africa as it prepares to host the 2010 World Cup.

While addressing the Ugandan parliament today, he said that his country has made all necessary arrangements to ensure that it successfully hosts the World Cup tournament slated for June and July this year..

Zuma said, “The first World Cup tournament tournament in Africa is to take place in south Africa later this year. We will try to make the tournament a momentous success. We must prove that as Africans, we are capable of the best.”

Zuma urged African countries to unite in order to fight poverty and other problems affecting them. “We need to unite. Africa is a rich continent in resources, minerals and people and yet we are very poor. It is only by the unity of our people and enhancing resources that we can overcome this legacy,” he said.

Urging African countries to work towards becoming economically independent instead of always depending on hand-outs from donor countries, the South African leader stated that colonialists created confusion and disunity among Africans but called upon African countries to see that such confusion comes to an end.

Zuma who moved with over 50 south African businessmen said that south Africa will invest heavily in businesses in Uganda. He thanked Uganda for supporting south Africa during the struggle against Apartheid.

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