Sudan police boosted ahead of elections

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Police in Sudan has said that it is ready to provide adequate security during the forthcoming elections.

It has specially equipped 1000 policemen to secure elections and provide adequate facilities during the voting exercise.

Sudan police spokesman, Major General Mohammed Ahmed Ali said that
appropriate arrangements have been made to secure presidential and
parliamentarian elections scheduled to start next Sunday. The elections will last for three days.

Mohammed Ahmed Ali said, “We are ready for the task of securing the
elections. The force has prepared individuals professionally to carry out their duties at all stages of electoral process.”

Ali urged citizens to avoid listening and believing in baseless rumors. He advised citizens to call 999 from any telephone to report any incident or dangerous rumor.

He said that the police will secure warehouses, polling devices and take legal measures against whoever breaks the law, in addition to protecting some personalities, securing the bases of missions and hotels.

“The police is ready to deal with gatherings before and after announcement of results, and would also adequately deal with demonstrations by winners or losers,” Mohammed Ahmed Ali warned, while indicating that police is also ready for any emergency that might occur during the electoral process.

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