South Africa: Deputy President to conduct service delivery verification in the Eastern Cape

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Flag of South Africa
Flag of South Africa

Deputy President Kgalema Motlanthe will, on 16 and 17th April 2010, visitLubala Village in the Eastern Cape Province to conduct Service Delivery Verification.

The Deputy President indicated a desire to visit all launch sites of the War on Poverty Campaign to conduct service delivery verification.

Government launched the War on Poverty Campaign in Lubala village in September of 2008 and commitments on service delivery were made at this launch.

The service delivery verification visits aim to ascertain progress made in meeting commitments made to communities, households and individuals during the campaign launches; to re-energize and re-focus the anti-poverty initiatives of government and to provide political leadership and mobilise all stakeholders.

The War on Poverty Campaign is an instrument of coordination, alignment, support and supervision of anti-poverty initiatives to impact greatly on households and communities living in poverty in the short-term, to halve poverty by 2014 and eventually eradicating it in the long term.

Cabinet ushered the War on Poverty Campaign in 2008 as a short-tern intervention of the Anti-Poverty Strategy to address immediate and pressing issues of poverty as a matter of urgency.

Source: South Africa – The Presidency

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