Sudan: Partial election results, re-run in 33 constituencies announced

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The names of candidates who won by acclamation have today Friday been
announced by National elections commission in Sudan.

According to a statement issued by the National Elections Commission (NEC), 27 candidates won by acclamation. The names include that of the Speaker of the National Assembly, Atem Garang.

The list released by NEC include three candidates from Kassala and one from North Kordofan. The rest are from all over Sudan, including southern Sudan.

Meanwhile, NEC has indicated that turnout of registered voters in the polls was
over sixty per cent.

The Chairman of the Commission, Abel Alier, said: “The the elections were 97 per cent successful with an error rate of less than 3 per cent in 1060 electoral constituencies in the country.”

In a related development, The National Elections Commission has announced the re-run of elections in 33 national and state constituencies all over the country.

The commission said that due to the technical and administrative errors that occurred in some constituencies it decided to repeat the elections in 17 out of 270 national constituencies and also in 16 out of 749 state constituencies.

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