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Madagascar: Statement by Marc Ravalomanana on Recent Press Speculation
Following recent press reports of rumours of an attempted coup in Madagascar, former President Marc Ravalomanana wishes to make the following statement:

"I firmly deny any involvement in an attempt to bring the political crisis to an end through undemocratic means. Any rumours suggesting otherwise are completely untrue. I have always supported a democratic resolution to the crisis as the only solution and I continue to do so. To suggest otherwise for political purposes is cynical and potentially destabilising.

"We cannot jeopardise the path to democracy with so much at stake. Only democratic elections will give us the stability we need to get back on the right track. I condemn any military coup- I believe the people should be allowed to choose their President in free and fair elections. We cannot allow these rumours to be used as an excuse to delay the return of the free and fair elections that the Malagasy people so desperately need.

"My position remains the same as it has always been- let the people decide."

Source: Marc Ravalomanana



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