Sudan’s Elections Commission satisfied with vote counting

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Sudan’s National Elections Commission (NEC) has said that it is so far satisfied with the vote counting exercise taking place in the country.

The chairman of the Elections Security Committee, Lt General Abdulla Al
Hardalo has announced that all is going on well in all the states of Sudan. He however said that no date has been set aside to announce the results.

“Ballot counting is a long and complicated process and so it is impractical to insist on a fixed time for the results to be released,” Lt General Abdulla Al Hardalo said.

Presidential and parliamentary elections were held last week in the whole of Sudan. And final elections results were meant to be released yesterday, Tuesday, but the national election commission said another date for the announcement of the results would be announced.

Meanwhile, the national elections commission delegation which arrived
in Blue Nile state to inspect vote counting, following reports of widespread fraud at counting centers, has said that it is satisfied with how the State’s Elections Committee is handling the process.

“All is going on well. It is not true that votes are poorly being counted or that rigging was being planned at counting centers,” Hassan Hamoud, a member of the delegation said.

The Police Commissioner in the Blue Nile state, Major General Muhamed Mahmoud, has refuted claims that military reinforcements were made in the State as a precautionary measure to counter possible insecurities after the announcement of election results.

Mahmoud said that security efforts in the state are being coordinated
between the Joint Integrated Units (JIUs) and other security organs.

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