Nigeria: Confusion hits ruling party ahead of 2011 election

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Nigeria’s ruling political party, the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) has been thrown into disarray ahead of the country’s 2011 presidential election.

A faction of the party has begun a rebellion against the mainstream party demanding reforms and the suspension of corrupt members.

Thursday supporters of rebelling faction within the People’s Democratic Party met in the capital Abuja and called for “far-reaching internal reforms”.

According to reports, the revolt group is led by some of the party’s senior officials, including powerful former state governors and ex-cabinet ministers.

“PDP must revisit all facets of our party constitution that militate against transparency and internal democracy within the party and effect immediate reforms,” a statement from the nonconforming faction stated.

The PDP holds as its manifesto a mission to build a modern democratic state founded on Justice, Equity and Fair play, but it insists that a northerner must fly its flag in the forthcoming elections in line with the tribal/zonal politics in place in the Nigerian political field, irrespective of values, policies and credibility of other qualified candidates.

The rebelling faction within the PDP also announced the suspension of the group’s leadership which includes former speakers of the Senate and lower house of parliament, Ken Nnamani and Aminu Bello Masari.

According to reformists, the PDP officials were suspended because they refused to appear for a disciplinary hearing on Thursday, a stunt they [the rebelling faction] have described as a deliberate attempt to disregard lawful directives and to subject the party to disrepute, contempt and hatred.

The PDP strives to make fundamental break with past mistakes in order to realize the optimum potentials of the Country; and build a qualitatively better society based on the principles of democracy, human rights and social justice under the rule of law.

However, most Nigerians have questioned their commitment to restructure the country in the spirit of true federalism and responsible tiers of government, so as to achieve a just and equitable society; and resolve such fundamental issues as proper devolution of powers between the three tiers of government.

The latest attack of the party’s credibility has come from within the party, with a rebelling faction questioning the party’s Integrity, transparency and accountability in the conduct of public affairs.

Observers say this internal conflict will have an effect on the party’s strength in the forthcoming presidential elections.

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