Zimbabwe: Ahmadinejad snubs Mugabe’s security

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Iranian president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s security details on Friday took
over all security arrangements after they protested that Zimbabwean
spies are armateurs.

Ahmadinejad has close to 50 security personal accompanying him to Zimbabwe where he was guest of honor at a trade exhibition.

Early morning, Iran spies inspected the main arena but “got shocked at
the amateurish nature” of the arrangement.

They then informed their counterparts of their intention to take over the complete operation.

Said a member of the Central Intelligence Organisations, “After the
inspection, their leader just told us that they where taking over all operations. They claimed that we are armatures in the game”.

He added, “They said Ahmadinejad is a special president whose protection should not to be tampered with”.

At the podium, Ahmadinejad was swarmed by 10 of his security details giving a hard time for journalist to film him.

His arrival on Thursday was spectacular.

Helicopters flew over Harare for the better part of the day before Ahmadinejad’s arrival and continued to fly hours later in a show of protection for the Islamic leader who is currently engaged in a war of words with the United States and its allies.

An airforce source said there had been elaborate military displays and
claimed that as soon as Ahmadinejad’s huge jet entered Zimbabwean
airspace, it was met by Zimbabwean Air Force jet fighters, which fell
into escort formation.

After touch down, Ahmadinejad took close to seven minutes before
disembarking because the stairway was not properly fitted to the giant

Employees from the National Handling Services had to run around to fix the stairway with close supervision from Ahmadinejad’s security personnel.

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