Sudan elections: El Bashir wins, Kiir wins landslide

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With 68 per cent of votes cast in Sudan’s recently held presidential and general election, controversial incumbent president Omar El Bashir has beaten his rivals to become the first indicted seating president to win elections and remain in the seat.

Bashir got 6,901,694 votes in total, according to results announced by
the National Elections Commission today (Monday) afternoon.

Yasir Aman of Sudan People Liberation Movement (SPLM) came second with 2,193,826 , while Adalla Deng of Popular Congress Party (PCP) got 396139.

In Southern Sudan, it was Salva Kiir who overwhelmingly beat his competitor Lam Akol of SPLM DC. Salva Kiir got 93 per cent of the votes. He got 2,616,613 votes whilst Akol got 197,217 votes.

This was the first elections in Sudan since 2005 when Sudan People
Movement (SPLM) and ruling party in Khartuom, National Congress Party
(NCP) signed a peace agreement bringing an end to a two decade long civil war between the two parties.

Next year, a referendum will be held in the autonomous Southern Sudan to decide whether or not the region should remain as part of Sudan.

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