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Chinese Ambassador to Zambia Holds Birthday Party for Zambia’s Founding President Kaunda
On April 28th, Chinese Ambassadorto Zambia Li Qiangmin held at the Ambassador’s residence a birthday party for Kenneth David Kaunda, founding President of Zambia, attended by Mr. and Mrs Kaunda, President Banda and his family, and a number of freedom fighters that participated in Zambia’s struggle for independence and liberation.

Ambassador Li extended his congratulations to Dr. Kaunda on his 86th birthday, and spoke positively of his important contribution to laying the foundation for China-Zambia and China-Africa relations. He praised Dr. Kaunda as an old friend of the Chinese people, stressing that his outstanding contribution to the development of bilateral relations will be remembered by the Chinese people forever.

Dr. Kaunda thanked Ambassador Li and the Chinese Embassy for their gracious hospitality and sincere wishes and reaffirmed that he always cherished his profound friendship with the older generations of Chinese leaders, and would, as always, commit himself to the development of Zambia-China friendship.

President Banda congratulated Dr. Kaunda on his birthday and said that he would continue to nurture the tree of China-Zambia friendship planted by Dr. Kaunda to make it more prosperous. His administration would work closely with China to continue to make positive contribution to the development of the all-weather friendship between Zambia and China.

The party went on in a very warm atmosphere and during which Dr. Kaunda sang a Zambian folk song to express his gratitude.

Source: China - Ministry of Foreign Affairs



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