Uganda President attacks USA and Britain

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Uganda’s president Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has attacked USA and Britain
for interfering into Uganda affairs. He has accused the two countries for saying that the presidential and general elections to take place in Uganda in 2010 will not be free and fair because the electoral commission is not independent and that police harasses opposition politicians.

Museveni was reacting to a report issued by US secretary of state Hillary Clinton to the Congress recently in which she accused the government for failing to sort out the voters register, and that government had failed to take action to establish an accurate and verifiable voter register and doubted that the ongoing biometric voter registration system would weed out double registration.

Addressing journalists at state house Sunday evening, Museveni said,”I will write to Clinton stating Uganda’s position on the report. I assure the world that elections in Uganda will be free and fair.”

Museveni said that there has been confusion at the just concluded elections in UK but Uganda is not lecturing to UK on how to hold successful elections like UK often does to Uganda. Museveni said, “In the UK, people are rioting on streets because so far no one has won an outright majority needed to form government. The electoral commission in the UK is very inefficient, but we don’t go lecturing to them and issuing reports on that.”

Museveni said that if such had taken place in Uganda, there is a provision in the constitution to solve it.

He said that in Uganda, in order to become president one has to get 51
per cent of votes in the elections. If no one gets 51 per cent, the elections are repeated with only to of the best candidates standing against one another.

The spokesman of Uganda’s ruling party, NRM, Ofwono Opondo said that
USA has of recent started criticizing Uganda because of Iranian president, Ahamadinejad’s the recent visit to Uganda a few weeks ago.

Ofwono said, “When Uganda’s president visited Iran last year and extended invitation to Ahmadinejad to Uganda, the US used every channel available to protest or block it although in futility. Hillary Clinton is seeking punitive actions against Iran and governments dealing with it.”

USA and Iran are at loggerheads due to the latter’s nuclear related
agenda which involves a uranium enrichment programme. The US, alongside other western countries insist that Iran’s position is a cause for concern in what has been deemed a threat to international security.

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