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Ugandan livestock export to be banned
The government of Uganda will soon ban the exportation of live animals to foreign countries.

This has today been revealed by Uganda’s minister of state for animals industry, Bright Rwamirama during a press interview.

Rwamirama said, "We will very soon ban the exportation of live animals in a move to promote value addition and other animal bi-products in the country. By doing that we will also create employment opportunities."

He said that the government was going to construct an abattoir and a meat factory in the central region which will make value addition to all products received from animals. He also said that the existing abattoirs are not hygienic to handle meat for export hence need to construct new modern ones.

According to an official in the Uganda’s animals industry ministry, James Kule, Uganda on average exports over 500 heads of cattle every day. "Every day over 500 cows are exported from Uganda in addition to about 600 goats and 400 sheep," said Kule.

The animals, Kule says, are mostly exported to southern Sudan, and some other neighbouring countries like Rwanda, Burundi and Democratic republic of congo, while some are also exported to Arab countries.

Apart from exporting cattle, Uganda also exports fish to European and Arabic countries.