Uganda to seek permission from foreign countries to pursue LRA rebels

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The government of Uganda will continue hunting for Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) rebels and their leader Joseph Kony, wherever they are, until they are all killed off or captured.

Uganda will hunt for LRA rebels anywhere they run, so long as the country they are operating from grants the eastern African country permission to persue the them.

This has been revealed by Uganda’s minister of Defence, Crispus Kiyonga
while addressing residents of northern Uganda where the rebels carried out their bloody activities and killed thousands of people, while causing over one
million people to be relocated into internally displaced people’s camps.

“Uganda army will continue pursuing LRA rebel chief Kony and his fighters until he is captured or killed. He failed to sign the peace agreement and instead went to Congo when we attacked his base at Garamba. So far 400 rebels have been killed and several arrested,” Kiyonga said.

The minister of Defence also said that Kony and his rebels have relocated to Central African Republic (CAR) where the army has been pursuing them. “A few of them are still in CAR. They will either be killed or captured,” he continued.

For over twenty years, since early 1980’s, LRA rebels have killed and maimed several thousands of people in northern Uganda. In 2006 after being made to relocate to southern Sudan due to pressure from Uganda army, they accepted to talk peace.

Talks went on up to 2008, but Kony refused to sign the final peace agreement. Currently, the rebels are in CAR but once in a while sneak to
Congo and kill civilians there.

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