Ugandan women seek protection against men with “big sexual organs”

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Women leaders in Uganda want a clause in the domestic relations law that allows them to divorce men with big sexual organs.

During a workshop meant to sensitize local women leaders on a marriage
and divorce law recently passed in parliament, the bill seeks to reform and consolidate the law relating to marriage, separation and divorce.

One of the local women leaders, Betty Namatta said: ”We want a clause allowing to divorce men with unusually big sex organs and men who work far from home and rarely return home.

“Some men have extra big organs and make lives of their wives uncomfortable during marital encounters. And men who work far lead to their wives getting tempted into extra marital relationships which is not good.”

They also want the government to introduce a new law legalizing cohabiting for couples who have lived together for over ten years.

Another women leader, Serina Kasozi said: “Why should the country keep quiet when women are being used and dumped? Why would a man cohabit with a woman for ten years and then dump her with children.”

The women vowed that they will make their members of parliament include
their concerns in the domestic relations law.

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