LRA rebles captured in Southern Sudan

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Three rebels of the Lords’ Resistance Army (LRA), have today, Monday, been captured by the Sudan People’s Liberation Army (SPLA).

According to SPLA spokesman Kuol Diem, the three rebels were captured in the Ezu area of Western Equatoria State.

During an interview with the press, Kuol said that after the killing of several people in Western Equatoria state by the rebels “in the past few months our army’s 138th battalion launched an attack on different LRA areas that led to the capturing of the three LRA fighters.

“One SPLA soldier was killed during the exchange of gun fire between our troops and the rebels.”

According to Kuol, no stone will be left unturned as far as hunting down the rebels is concerned. He also said that the rebels kill innocent civilians and therefore it is the army’s duty to stop their murderous activities.

LRA rebles led by Joseph Kony have in the past few months been killing
innocent people in Democaratic Rebpublic of Congo and southern Sudan.

The rebels originated from northern Uganda where they waged a war against the government in the mid 1980’s killing hundreds of people and leading to over 1 million people to relocate to Internally Displaced People’s camps.

Ugandan troops managed to chase them out of the country which resulted in their relocation to southern Sudan. But later in December 2008 the rebels were dislodged by a joint force of Ugandan, Southern Sudan and Congolese

The LRA rebels moved to DRC and later Central African republic from where they sneak into southern Sudan and Congo to kill people.

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