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US government contributes to primary education in northern Uganda
The United States Government, through the USAID/UNITY project, has provided 115 motorcycles to Uganda.

The motorcycles are meant to benefit the Centre Coordinating Tutors in 15 districts in the northern region. Areas that were ravaged by rebels from the Lord’s Resistance Army.

These motorcycles are meant to improve the mobility of the Centre Coordinating Tutors to reach all primary teachers in the region.

The US education team leader in Uganda, Natasha Marckened said in a statement she issued Tuesday in Kampala that "The objective of this contribution is to support Ministry of Education and Sports efforts to revitalize education and enhance the capacity of the core Primary Teacher Colleges in the sub-regions."

The statement said that the motorcycles and related accessories cost more than one billion Ugandan shillings (about 500,000 US dollars).

The USAID/UNITY project implements basic education and HIV/AIDS activities within the existing Teacher Development Management System by focusing on four major objectives.

Those objectives include the improvement of the professional development of teachers at the primary level; Educating primary and post-primary teachers and students on HIV/AIDS; Increasing parental and community participation in education; and Supporting education policy development and implementation.

The five-year project began in 2006 with a total budget of approximately US $36 million in most districts of the country with the exception of northern Uganda which was at the time still waging war against the Lord’s Resistance Army rebel group.


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