Uganda President applauds Obama administration for anti-LRA law

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Uganda’s president Yoweri Kaguta Museveni Wednesday thanked the United States and in particular president Barack Obama for signing a law meant to deal with rebel leader of the Lord’s Resistance Army, Joseph Kony.

While making his state of the nation address on Wednesday in Uganda’s parliament, Museveni remarked that “It is good that Obama signed the law meant to assist in stopping Kony’s killing of innocent civilains. That is a welcome development.”

Museveni assured the gathering that it is now clear Kony’s group will soon be no longer a threat to peace and stability in the region. He revealed that an operation mounted since December 2008 against Kony has produced over
100 deaths among LRA fighters and ensured the rescue of some 630 abductees, while 343 rebels have been captured and several arms seized.

The Ugandan President believes that if Kony had only 1500 fighters in Garamba when the first attack on him took place, he must now be remaining with very few fighters.

He has requested developed countries to help construct roads and improve education in Africa if they really want to help Africans. “They should not come here to teach us on how to vote. They should do things that lead to development like the construction of roads.”

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