Albinos seek electoral representation in Uganda

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Albinos in Uganda want a representation in parliament to safeguard against witch-doctors who more often than not kill them to perform ritual sacrifices.

They have resolved to contest for elective positions, especially for parliamentary seats in the forthcoming general elections in order to influence the enactment of laws to protect them.

Uganda is to hold presidential and general elections early next year. And under their umbrella organisation, Uganda Albinos assocaition, they have
agreed to cooperate with the hope that some albinos win the elections in some areas.

The chairperson of the association, Judah Ssebyanzi said that if some
of them go to parliament and other elective positions, they would be able to
influence policies that affect them.

“We face many challenges yet non albinos do notvunderstand what we go through. They are the ones who formulate the policies we abide by. It is high time we became part of those who formulate the policies,” Ssebyanzi said.

He also said that if some of them go to parliament, it would enable them to
participate in key decision-making processes of the nation.

Another member of the association, William Mbazira said that they live
in fear of being sacrificed by witch-doctors. “We live in fear of being sacrificed by witch-doctors who believe that some of our body parts can be used in making charms which make people rich. We want government to put in place tough laws that can stop witch-doctors from sacrificing us,” he said.

In Uganda graves where albinos are buried are dug and the remains taken by witch-doctors. In some villages albinos live under the threat of frequent ritual murders by witch-doctors.

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