Ugandans flee village as several people die

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Hundreds of residents in the Kawogo village of central Uganda have fled their homes after the death of 22 of their neighbours in the last 9 days.

A district official, Simon Juko said that a district medical team team has observed that the 22 died from cholera in Kawogo, a village situated about 60 kilometres west of Uganda’s capital Kampala in a district called Kayunga.

“A medical team has done a research and carried out tests and has come to conclusion that the 22 died from cholera. In a bid to save their lives many villagers have vacated their village in fear of contracting the disease. Over 50 have been admitted in hospital with symptoms of cholera,” Juko said.

The District Medical Health Officer of Kayunga, Dr. Edrisa Nkambi attributes the outbreak of the epidemic to the prevailing poor sanitation in the village. He said that Kawongo village, with over 200 homes has only one pit latrine that is being used by all village residents. Most of the villagers use bushes to ease themselves.

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