Sudan: PCP appeal for Al Turabi’s release or trail

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The Popular Congress Party (PCP) yesterday went to the Sudanese Constitutional court to appeal for the release of it’s leader, Dr Abdallah Turabi.

“We have raised a memo of appeal to the Constitutional Court against the arrest of our leader Dr. Abdallah Turabi,” said a party official Adam Ali. “We want him either released or brought to trial,” he added.

PCP Secretary for Public Relations, Abu Bakr Abdel Razik, said that this step was taken after all legal procedures failed to lead to the release Al Turabi or at least a trial.

He said that it is now up to the constitutional court to show the world that it can stand on it’s legs and make an unbiased decision. “This is a challenge to the Constitutional Court in order to prove that it’s not biased in favour of the authorities,” Razik said.

Earlier, the Defense Panel of PCP detainees withdrew from the court, protesting what it named insufficient circumstances for a fair trial.

Al-Turabi, leader of PCP was arrested on May 15, 2010 and has since been in detention without trial.

After his arrest security forces confiscated all publications and closed down the premises of Ray Al Shaab newspaper, owned by Al-Turabi’s party.

Four senior journalists including Abu Zar Alamin, Deputy Cheif Editor were arrested but later released on bail.

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