Nigeria: Huge foreign investments in Niger Delta after conflict resolution

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Aviation, power supply and the development of infrastructure in Nigeria, all three previously run by the government, will henceforth be opened to private investors from within and outside the country, the Nigerian government has announced.

Nigeria President Goodluck Jonathan announced that Investment would blossom after the volatile Niger Delta region is settled. To this regard efforts to retrain and rehabilitate thousands of former militants, who last year surrendered their arms to embrace a government amnesty, will begin this week in southern Cross River state.

Speaking with outgoing ambassadors of China and Netherlands, President Jonathan said his government was doing everything possible to deal with all issues discouraging foreign investors, saying that significant progress was being made in restoring peace to the oil-rich but volatile Niger Delta region.

“We have a growing population of young people and as a government we have an enormous responsibility to plan and prepare for their future,” President Jonathan was quoted.

According to reports, Netherlands Ambassador to Nigeria Van der Wiel said in his remarks that the annual volume of trade between his country and Nigeria grew from two billion dollars when he arrived in 2006 to four billion. And Chinese envoy Xu Jiango said the volume of trade between Nigeria and China now stood at about seven billion dollars, up from three billion in 2006.

“Greater foreign investment will clearly help us in creating more gainful employment for our youths and we will do all we can to promote it,” President Jonathan added.

The office of the president said government will create programs that will encourage more foreign investments into the country.

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