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Graveside "cassava bomb" scatters mourners
Mourners in Uganda today abandoned a dead body they were about to bury after a bomb scare.

The incident occured in Lumundi village, Luwero about 60 kms north of Uganda’s capital Kampala.

According to one of the villagers, Damba Magala over 100 mourners were standing by the grave preparing to bury the dead when some people saw something wrapped in polythene bag about twenty meters away.

"The priest had started praying for the dead person when people fled away shouting that there was a bomb about to explode. The priest also followed them," Magala said.

When police got reports that a bomb had been dumped around the burial site, they dispatched officers to the site to investigate the claims. The officers discovered that the polythene bag only contained cassava.

The burial was of Ronald Kaggwa, one of the area residents who died of natural causes on Sunday night.

Mourners including the deceased’s wife and religious leaders who had fled returned later after getting information from police that the suspected bomb was cassava root wrapped in polythene bag.

Nonetheless, they buried the body hurriedly and left the place. The area chief Wycliffe Sensonga said the residents are still terrified after the Kampala bombing in which 76 people died on July 11th this year.


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