Zimbabwe: Zanu Pf agents in uniformed forces get double salaries

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Zimbabwe’s secret agents planted in the country’s uniformed forces have been awarded a double salary from the rest of the civil servants as a reward for the job they did during the 2008 Presidential polls.

Salaries have been hiked by US$150 and are expected to get paid by Friday.
“Most of these people are planted as security agents of the state yet they are doing work for Zanu (PF). We have suffered a lot of victimisation at the hands of these agents.

“They were awarded some $150 each In the name of clothing allowances
but the truth of the matter is that they are being rewarded for their job they carried out during the much contested 2008 presidential elections.

“If it is true that these are genuine allowances then why would the Minister award just US$8 for housing allowances and US$9 as transport allowance while awarding that much in clothing allowances yet we do receive uniforms,” said a source in the Zimbabwe Republic Police.

The source said in the Prisons department, the security section were the beneficiaries of the suspicious deal. Most members of that section, if not all, were directly involved in the 2008 Zanu (PF) terror campaign.

“All the Prison officers in the security department were awarded the money. They are the ones who participated in the 2008 violence. “I’m not sure if the Finance Minister is aware of this arrangement. Most of these people who are in this department are Zanu (PF) agents and not real prison officers.

“We have also fallen victims to these guys from the so called security department, they don’t want us to discuss MDC (Movement for Democratic
Change) issues but they discuss their Zanu (PF) issues openly. When you discuss issues related to the MDC, they tell us we are talking politics but when one discusses Zanu (PF) issues, no one challenges that. This is a complete violation to freedom of expression,” said another source in the Zimbabwe Prison Service.

Another source in the Zimbabwe National Army also indicated that his organisation had not been spared of the ‘unacceptable’ arrangement. “Members of our Zimbabwe Intelligent Corps (ZIC) have also been awarded that double salary and we wonder what’s going on in the organisation”.

The 2008 presidential elections were marred by terrorism and violence perpetrated by members of Zanu (PF) and left over 200 MDC supporters dead and others displaced.

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