Uganda head lambasts Commonwealth and Commends China

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Uganda’s president Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has said the western world has squandered cultural links with Africa and mismanaged it by making lectures thereby losing out unnecessarily.

The Ugandan President said this while meeting British Minister for Africa
Henry Bellingham at State House in Entebbe. Minister Bellingham who is
heading a UK delegation to the 15th Africa Union Summit in Kampala
delivered a special message from United Kingdoms’ Prime Minister David
Cameron to President Yoweri Museveni.

“They have mismanaged it by making lectures. Chinese are clever, they know how to carefully deal with sensitive issues of African countries. The western world is losing out and yet this is not necessary,” he said. He blamed the Commonwealth for failing to build a strong powerful block to talk about growth and development and instead focusing on peripheral issues.

On Somalia, President Museveni said Somalia was a problem by default that can be solved, adding that internal weakness in Somalia and a lack of effective liberation movement or oppositional group has led to the donation of their territory to terrorism.


“There is no credible liberation movement or the type of opposition that can take over if government collapses. If there is no government or effective liberation movement, then neighbours must come in otherwise what situation will you have?” he said.

The President said some neighbours were willing to support Somalia but
have no money or equipment. Somalia has been open for over 20 years to terrorism. For us we are temporarily members of the Security Council but for you, you are permanent members and must show more commitment.

“You have this territory donated to terrorism, what is the Security Council for? We have no money for extra jobs and politically it is difficult for us to
fund and execute the peace keeping mission. The Security Council should provide enough money and equipment to finish the job.” According to Mr. Museveni, Somalis are tired of war and many of them have fled to exile.

On Counter Terrorism legislation, President Museveni was happy to note
that parliament passed the Anti terrorism bill but criticized it for
delaying the passing of the phone tapping bill which would have been
vital in tracking down information about the recent bomb attacks in
the country.

The bill that is due to be assented to by the President seeks to authorize the tapping of telephones and other private communication for security purposes. It had initially met resistance in parliament.

Minister Bellingham who was accompanied by the British High Commissioner to Uganda Martin Shearman and a military attaché Matthew
Middlemiss, conveyed a condolence message from Prime Minister Cameron
and said Britain was keen to offer support they can in finding a permanent solution to Somalia. He said he was impressed with the level of professionalism by Uganda’s armed forces in Somalia under AMISON.

The U.K. according to the Minister is interested in solving the crisis including
that of piracy. Minister Bellingham said his country was interested in prioritizing trade relations, intensifying bilateral relations and supporting
Uganda to counter terrorism with the help of proper counter terrorism

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