Nigeria: Islamist group roasted Policemen like animals

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Recent reports released by the Nigerian Police Force claims that 32 of its men were assassinated by members of Boko Haram- an Islamic sect who instigated a religious rebellion against the Nigerian government July last year.

“Members of the self-styled Taliban group took it upon themselves to attack law and order… sought to overthrow civil liberties and truncate our democracy.

“The Nigeria Police Force was stunned at the terrible murder, in cold blood, of her personnel… some of these officers were slaughtered like animals, some roasted,” the Nigerian police said in a statement, in the one-year anniversary memorial statement.

For the first time since the Boko Haram rebellion, The Nigerian police listed the names of the officers who died in the uprising in July last year.

“Boko Haram unleashed mayhem in northern states of Borno, Yobe, bauchi, Kano, Nasarawa and Plateau, spilling innocent blood, making widows and orphans of police families,” the police statement read.

Boko Haram which means ‘Western education is sin,’ in a Nigerian local dialect, began their rebellion against the Nigerian government in order to establish Islamic law in place of democracy.

Reports also claim that the group had gone underground since the violence that claimed more than 800 lives.

The extremist group launched a crusade of violence in northern Nigeria last year in a bid to establish an Islamist state. The violent uprising which took place in July 2009 was stopped by the Nigerian army. At least 700 sect members were killed.

Since January, fighting between Christians and Muslims in central Nigeria has left more than 500 dead. Nigeria’s 150 million people are divided into a Christian-dominated south and a Muslim-held north.

Since its return to democracy in 1999, the most populated African country, has experienced waves of religious violence between the two faiths over religious and political grounds.

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