Uganda President seeks tax reduction on security related items

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Uganda business community has called upon the government of Uganda to tighten screening exercises involving foreigners who enter the country under the guise of being foreign investors and tourists.

Speaking on behalf of his fellow businessmen at a meeting of traders and
security agencies’ officials at Imperial Royale Hotel in Kampala, Ugandan tycoon Gordon Wavamuno said many foreigners are entering the country easily because security agencies do not check thoroughly at the entry points.

“We are urging the government to tighten on foreigners entering the country after realizing that many foreigners are entering the country without being checked .Such foreigners pose a security threat to the nation,” Wavamuno said.

Wavamuno also tasked the immigration department to start awarding visas to every person who wishes to enter the country with tight measures just like it is done to Ugandans who travel to other countries especially in Europe.

Meanwhile Uganda’s president has written to the ministry of finance requesting a reduction in taxes on security equipment, especially those used to check people entering into secured places, in order to make them more affordable.

The President’s request was today confirmed by the inspector general of Uganda police Kale Kayihura. “President Museveni has written to the ministry of finance requesting for reduction of taxes on security gadgets.”

These strict measures come after the July 11th 2010 bomb blasts in Kampala which killed over 70 people who had gathered to watch the world cup football finals on television in two entertainment centres.

Entry of people into most public places in Uganda, including supermarkets, clubs, bars, banks follows strict searching by security personnel for bombs and other fire arms.

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