Ethiopia: Eritrean group set to overthrow government

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A coalition of ten opposition parties from Eritrea have made a resolution to form a parliament in exile at their just ended assembly in Ethiopia’s Capital, Addis Ababa.

For nine days, over 300 members of the coalition gathered in Addis Ababa to find a lasting solution to their political quagmire: How to make the Esayas Afwerke led Eritrean government step down from power.

Tuesday, August 11, the coalition issued a statement, immediately after the conclusion of the Addis Ababa meeting, on what they deem as a major decision to establish a parliament in exile within a one year period.

The parliament in exile along with the Eritrean political struggle will organize themselves to be able to take over as transitional government in the neighboring country after they have achieved their goal to remove the sitting Eritrean government.

The group has also expressed strong doubts over the strength of the Eritrean government which has been under targeted United Nations sanctions and arms embargo. Esayas Afwerke’s government which has had a longstanding border dispute with Djibouti is also believed to have furnished rebel groups in Somalia with arms.

And the group believes that the current Eritrean government does not have what it takes to withstand the ongoing pressure from the international community. According to them, the dictatorship in Eritrea is close to collapse.

The statement released by the coalition also indicated that they have reached an agreement to mobilize all Eritreans and also plan to use all techniques of struggle to reach their goal. The release failed to mention what techniques the group intends to apply.

This meeting marks the first time the Coalition has come together following its creation in Addis Ababa two years ago with the assistance of the Ethiopian government.

Initially, the Ethiopian government supported the coalition by offering them air time on the state run television network to broadcast their political programs. But the practice has since been discontinued for unspecified reasons.

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