Somali terrorists training in Uganda

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The Uganda inspector general of police, Kale Kayihura, has revealed that terrorists are using the eastern and northern districts of Uganda as training grounds.

While addressing the press today in Kampala, Kale Kayihura said, “Most Somali nationals are pretending to be great believers and hawkers in those regions yet actually they are blending anti human acts in the country. They are recruiting and training terrorists.”

According to Kale Kayihura the final death toll of the 11th July Kampala bomb attack by the Somali Islamist group al Shebab settles at 79 including the 2 suicide bombers.

Meanwhile, 4 men suspected to have planted the bombs have today publicly confessed before the press in Kampala and also apologized to the families of those who perished in the bomb blasts.

The four, including Ahmed Luyima, who claims to be the mastermind behind the plots, said that they were sorry and confessed willingly without being forced.

“I recruited my friend Edirisa Nsubuga and my young brother, Haruna Luyima who was supposed to trigger off the bomb which did not blast at Makindye in Kampala. I also brought in a Kenyan and a Somali suicide bombers”, said the 33 year old Ahmed Luyima.

Muhamud Mugisha, one of the four suspects and also al Shabab member said that he was responsible for selecting the places where the bombs were
to be planted, and also overseeing that the bombs blasted as planned.

“I am sorry about what happened. I extend my sincere apology to families of people who died,” Muhamud Mugisha apologized.

Similarly, Haruna Muyima, 27, Muhamud Mugisha and Edrisa Nsubuga, both 30, said they were sorry and begged for forgiveness from Ugandans and the world at large.

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