Uganda: President Yoweri Museveni to stand in 2011 elections

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President Yoweri Museveni has announced his candidature for the chairmanship of Uganda’s ruling party National Resistance Movement Party (NRM) and Presidential flag bearer for the party in the forthcoming national Presidential elections in 2011.

Museveni who is the current chairman of the largest party in the country told a large gathering that comprised women and youth league leaders as well as leaders of people with disabilities countrywide, that he handed in his nomination papers to the National Resistance Movement Electoral Commission for the post of party Chairman and flag-bearer for the NRM in the forthcoming national presidential elections due in 2011 on Friday, and urged party members to embrace his candidature in the forthcoming delegates conference.

The ruling party, NRM is due to hold its special organs conference on the 6th – 7th of September, 2010 ahead of its national conference which will be held between the 11th – 12th of September, 2010, at the Nambole National Stadium in Kampala.

“Am happy to hear that people with disabilities are embracing my candidature for chairman and Presidential flag-bearer for NRM, I put in my nomination forms, so I can now ask for your support” Mr. Museveni said.

He appealed to members of the party’s delegates conference and all party members nationally to endorse his bid for Chairmanship so as to cement the gains the country has realized since NRM came to power in 1986.

The president assured Ugandans that together with other historical members of NRM, they fought and brought about peace and stability, revamped the country’s’ economy, boosted revenue collection and ensured micro-economic stability and noted that as the country goes into a phase of socio-economic transformation some members of the historical team need to be kept in positions of leadership in Uganda.

He argued that whereas the NRM has nurtured and brought fresh blood into the leadership of the country, some elements of the historical team need to be kept in leadership so as to provide the much needed expertise and experience to propel the country ahead. NRM, according to him, is a mass party which enjoys a lot of support nationally and has the biggest representation in all electoral positions in the country.

“Just look, the speaker of parliament had to call off parliamentary sessions because NRM members of parliament were going for party primaries and other parties could not raise quorum for parliament to sit, which shows that we are in charge” he said.

Museveni became president of Uganda in 1986 after fighting a guerrilla war for over five years. He has since stood for presidency for three times.

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