Treating jellyfish stings

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What should you do if you’ve been stung by a jellyfish?

Contact with jellyfish tentacles causes intense pain, very similar to an electric shock. This will rapidly give way to a burning sensation.

But don’t be tempted to rub it and don’t try and suck out the venom. It will be a waste of time …

The important thing is to act quickly: begin by rinsing the affected area with sea water. Above all, don’t use fresh water!

Next, continue rinsing but mix in some sand with the sea water. Rub gently but continuously to remove any final fragments of tentacle that may remain on the skin.

It is only after this that you should try easing the pain with an antihistamine ointment.

However, if the symptoms persist, or if the victim shows any worrying symptoms such as pallor, difficulty breathing or a high temperature, go and see a doctor straight away.

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