Treating Dog bites

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A dog bite is always septic – that’s to say it will contain microbes. Dog saliva is a shocking culture medium containing numerous bacteria.

If you are unfortunate enough to be bitten there is a clear course of action you should follow: dog bites need urgent medical attention!

They are always deep and on top of that they are infectious.

You will need to react rigorously and specifically because failure to get treatment will almost certainly result in a deep abscess.

The victim should be taken to the nearest A&E immediately or you should call the emergency medical service.

And don’t forget to get a report from the doctor.

Armed with this you should go to the police station and file a complaint against the dog’s owner.

In some areas you can also contact the State Prosecutor: the owner will be obliged to provide the animal’s vaccination certificate immediately.

The police will also require the animal to be placed under observation by the veterinary service at the owner’s expense.

This is primarily to check that the dog is not carrying rabies.

If, after fifteen days, the animal shows no sign of contamination, the victim will not need to undergo anti-rabies vaccination.

However, if the dog shows any suspicious signs, vaccination will be essential and the animal will have to be put down.

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