TV and Computer Games: A threat to adolescent health?

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Obesity, violence, behavioural problems … television and the internet are frequently cited as the cause of these evils in modern society.

An Australian study has even suggested that the risk of death from cardiovascular disease could be increased by 20% for each hour per day spent in front of the television.

And a wide-ranging Norwegian study has recently blackened the reputation of the small screen still further!

It has shown that television and computer and console games can damage your health. Especially the health of fast-growing adolescents!

After monitoring 30,000 adolescents addicted to the “small screen” , the authors of the study found that the majority complained of backache, pains in the neck and shoulders and/or constant headaches.

In reality, it is the time spend in front of the screen and its ergonomic implications that give rise to these pains… far more than the activity itself.

However, the study does not specify the maximum number of hours that can be safely spent or the best position to adopt in order safely to enjoy a sedentary lifestyle in front of the screen!

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