Tips for Microwave cooking

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Microwaves are becoming more and more commonly used to prepare quick meals and snacks.

And Cooking food, not only on traditional stoves but also in microwaves, at the right temperature is imperative.

Despite microwave ovens making life easy, one still needs to be aware of the risks associated with insufficient cooking. Considering that only when food is properly cooked are the bacteria in it killed.

Cooked foods do not present a danger once the core temperature reaches 71oC for beef and 74oC for chicken, egg and fish-based foods, making cooking thermometers an indispensable tool.

They are much more than another kitchen gadget and mostly inexpensive to obtain.

A few simple tips:

 Cook food immediately after defrosting.

 Never refreeze food that has been defrosted, whether in the microwave or by some other means.

 Never keep any food for more than two hours at temperatures of between 4ºC and 60ºC. This will avoid bacterial proliferation.

 Defrost food thoroughly before cooking it. If some parts remain frozen, it will cook unevenly;

 Finally, follow cooking instructions carefully, whether from a recipe or those given on the packaging.

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