Loosing that unwanted weight

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So, you’re a few kilos overweight? Here are a few tips to shed those unwanted kilos.

Did you know that with 30 minutes “moderate” exercise you can burn 200 calories? A 6,000 calorie loss in a little over a month … equivalent to a one kilo weight loss.

And 30 minutes of moderate exercise is as simple as walking 3 kilometres at a good pace.

If you suffer from high cholesterol or high blood pressure your doctor will have recommended that you “take some exercise”. So why not make the most of the benefits of walking?

Walking is a form of endurance exercise and even though it doesn’t make you “suffer” while doing it, it still provides a genuine form of training.

In fact, experts reckon that walking 30 minutes per day is an ideal way of keeping fit.

And if you have varicose veins, nothing could be better! Walking helps to propel the blood towards the heart through a muscle-pump effect.

Besides, it really isn’t that difficult to “find” half an hour a day for a bit of walking.

 decide that you will walk upstairs instead of taking the lift if it’s 3 floors or less

 don’t take the car or go by public transport for journeys of less than 500 metres – which is only 5 minutes on foot;

 and remember that according to the American Cardiology Society 30 minutes’ walking, 3 times a week, is sufficient to increase cardiac output by 12%.

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