Ethiopia suspends organization for illegal US employees

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Ethiopia has suspended Samaritan Purse, an international humanitarian organization for illegally recruiting several American citizens.

Ethiopia’s Charity and Association Agency, the responsible entity charged with the regulation of local and international NGO’s in the country has suspended Samaritan Purse, a humanitarian organization.

The suspension comes after the agency accused the humanitarian group of illegally recruiting 14 United States nationals. The Charity and Association Agency’s public relation office also claims that the group deliberately dissimulated vital information.

Foreigners who travel to Ethiopia with tourist or business visas are not allowed to stay in Ethiopia for more than 90 days. However, the 14 US nationals who were employed by the organization are believed to have overstayed their due by almost a year despite entering the country on short-term visas.

According to the country’s humanitarian governing body, the organization employed the Americans without checking whether or not their work permits were in order as required by the country’s laws.

Meanwhile, the government agency has also charged the humanitarian agency with failing to file their employees’ income tax returns as well as presenting illegal documents for the renewal of its license some months back.

Samaritan Purse has been operating in Ethiopia for the last 10 years offering health, education and food aid for its beneficiaries in different parts of the country.

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