Wholegrain cereals and the heart

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According to an American study, regular consumption of wholegrain cereals reduces the risk of cardiac insufficiency (heart failure).

Rich in vitamins, minerals, fibre and antioxidants, these cereals are extremely beneficial for our cardiovascular system.

Professor Luc Djoussé and his team in Boston monitored the cereal consumption of more than 10,000 doctors over the course of no less than 24 years.

All these doctors were generally in good health but the researchers found that the consumption of wholegrain cereals helped to improve their health still further.

When compared with doctors who did not eat any wholegrain cereals it was found that their colleagues who ate one portion per week showed a 14% reduction in the risk of suffering from cardiac insufficiency.

And this figure rose to as much as 28% for those who ate wholegrain cereals every day.

From these findings, the authors of the study conclude that there are strong and credible reasons to encourage people, and not just children, to eat cereal every morning.

It is a good way of lowering blood pressure, fighting bad cholesterol and hence preventing heart attacks.

Providing of course that these are wholegrain cereals and are not accompanied by industrial quantities of sugar and other sugary, dried-fruit-based treats.

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