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The Solution to an Historic African American Problem
Is there a balm in Gilead? Do you want to stop the escalation of the African-American homicide? Do you want an educational curriculum that reflects the creators of civilization? Do you want public school students to excel in reading and mathematics? Do you understand "the problem," or is your organization focused on the symptoms of the problem?

In the words of Dr. Edward W. Robinson, "the problem is that the entire society has been programmed by the use of most textbooks, and all other media, including motion pictures. This programming has caused the entire society to despise the over 1,000 year old ancestral value of the African-American and people of African descent."

Dr. Edward W. Robinson not only delineates the problem, but also proposes a comprehensive "solution" to "the problem." Dr. Edward W. Robinson is a phenomenon, a unique individual whose passion has driven him to dedicate most of his 92 years. Dedication to educating African-Americans, in a way that he believes, will change the perception of all Americans.

Dr. Edward W. Robinson is an attorney, historian, author and professor. He is by many accounts on the threshold of solving "the problem." His accomplishments include: co-author of the seminal book, Journey of the Songhai People and Producer of the best selling historical album Black Rhapsody. He also is the creator of the infusion of African history, as a mandatory curriculum policy, within the Philadelphia public high school system.

Dr. Edward W. Robinson was influential in writing the curriculum of the D’Zert Club, which under the direction of Ali and Helen Salahuddin, is one of the world’s fastest growing youth organizations. Dr. Robinson is also the teacher and mentor to thousands of others, including the BlackStar Youth Foundation founded in Delaware by Ernest Muhammad and Christopher X. Cleveland.

According to Ernest Muhammad, "Dr. Robinson has decoded what many have described as a mysterious power. A power which propels human beings and other territorial creatures to the maximum height of their potential. This power is the territorial imperative, and it is the foundation of the solution."

Therefore Dr. Robinson states that "the solution" to the problem will be achieved through motion pictures. Motion pictures which will show the beauty, grandeur and sophistication of African-American ancestors and ancestral territory. Dr. Edward W. Robinson has written the scripts for seven motion pictures.

The first script will be discussed on October 23, 2010, at 7PM (eastern) via webcast, to an international audience. Register to view this event at Charitable Donations to assist can be sent to Pan-African Federation Organization Inc., P.O. Box 18828 Philadelphia, PA 19119.

This article was written by Ernest Muhammad for the Black Star Youth Foundation, He can be contacted at

SOURCE: Black Star Youth Foundation

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