Nigeria: Corruption Commission warns politicians

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Several officials have been declared unsuitable to run for political office by the Nigerian anti-fraud police. The officials include thirteen former state governors, five former ministers, three serving MPs, and two serving senators.

One of the prominent suspects, Orji Kalu, a Nigerian 2011 presidential aspirant, has been arraigned on 107 counts of fraud.

The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) revealed that many of the corrupt politicians are deliberately halting their cases in court so that they will not be tried before the elections next year.

According to reports, the commission has urged political parties not to allow any of the corrupt candidates in next year’s elections.

The intelligence unit of the EFCC has compiled names and records of the various accounts, quantum of money and the financial transactions of the corrupt politicians based on available facts .

“The commission is appealing to political parties to select only credible candidates and not those on the list,” a statement by the EFCC read.

EFCC warned the aforementioned corrupt politicians that it is poised to tumble down on such candidates even at their swearing-in ceremonies

Whilst fraud charges are no barrier to standing in elections in Nigeria,
politicians make up at least 40 people on the EFCC list. And activists demand that those facing prosecution should not be endorsed as candidates.

Nigeria’s corruption record has been most evident in politics and government, over the years.

For decades the government has accrued huge oil revenues, yet the country suffers from a lack of basic infrastructure, and tens of millions live in poverty, in a backdrop of politicians and their business associates who have amassed personal fortunes.

The fight against corruption in Nigeria continues as the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission embark on a campaign that promises to be successful without the partnership of government and other stakeholders.

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