Zimbabwe: Mugabe, the serial 86 year-old cuckold

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Zimbabwe’s First Lady Grace Mugabe’s inexhaustible extra-marital affairs seem to be claiming more lives with the latest being her husband bodyguard,
senior police commissioner Cain Chademana.

Grace, has since 2005 been romantically linked with controversial Zimbabwe Reserve Bank governor, Gideon Gono who is ironically Mugabe’s personal banker.

Mugabe, according to reliable sources in his office say he was only alerted by her late sister, Sabina as she lay in her death bed.

Intelligence source say Chademana, Mugabe’s most trusted bodyguard got into trouble for only “being there by the bedside while Sabina was alerting his brother of Grace’s Infidelity”

“Sabina warned her brother that he was being betrayed by two of the most important people in his life, Grace and Gono”

CIO officials said Chademana alerted his colleagues of the discussion saying Mugabe left the meeting in low spirits.

“At first, Mugabe did not want to believe it was true, but Sabina told him to ask his men about the affair and make up his own mind,” said the officials.

“It was maddening because Mugabe had encouraged their friendship and
sometimes asked Grace to see Gono to discuss mutual business matters.”

When Mugabe summoned his bodyguard in August, “Chademana admitted that he knew something was going on which he had not said before”, sources

“Mugabe is said to have gone very silent… a few days later, at the end of August, Chademana mysteriously died, no autopsy was performed”

But CIO sources vehemently believe that Chademana was poisoned by fellow workmates-under Mugabe’s order.

All along, Mugabe is said to believe that the two love birds are relatives and this is strengthened by the fact that they come from the town of Chivhu, 200km south of Harare.

Grace who is 41 years Mugabe’s junior is believed to have had a string of lovers in the past. Some of who have died under mysterious circumstances.

Peter Pamire, a budding young businessman died in a bizarre car accident some years back.

James Makamba, one of Zimbabwe’s richest businessmen and a top-ranking
Zanu-PF official is believed to have been forced into exile when the cover was blown over his affair with Grace.

But Mugabe’s current union with Grace was founded on an adulterous relationship which shocked many Zimbabweans at the time.

Grace, who used to be a junior secretary in the typing pool in Mugabe’s
office, was married to an air force officer when she began having an affair with the president.

They had two children while Mugabe’s first wife, Sally, a Ghanaian national, was alive.

After Sally Mugabe’s death in 1996, Robert Mugabe officially married Grace.

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