Lemon: A true elixir of health

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Citrus limon or the lemon is a fruit we’re all familiar with but perhaps know very little about.

Like other citrus fruits, the lemon belongs to the large family Rutaceae.

It is true that the lemon is one of the fruits richest in vitamin C, that’s by no means the end of the story.

Of course, its vitamin content makes the lemon a useful tonic. It can help protect against minor ills and particularly against infections in the winter and spring.

And lemon juice will do you a lot more good than any confectionery that might take your fancy, no matter what it may claim!

But don’t forget that the flavonoids found in lemon peel are also rich in vitamin P.

Lemon is not only good for muscle tone and general hygiene, it is also very useful for its effect on the capillaries and larger blood vessels.

So when it comes to lemons, don’t hesitate: every part of the fruit is good for you – the pulp and the zest.

And lemon juice drunk warm and sweetened with honey is excellent for the throat and chest.

It can also be used in the kitchen of course: preserved lemon peel is both delicious and good for your health – try adding it to a tagine.

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